Game Trailers 44

Real or Game…

Graphics in video games is a passionate subject. Today we resume this series ONCE AGAIN!! 😀 RTX, 4k, unreal engine 5, UNITY, Avatar… Are you ready???? Cause’ I’m not. Help.

the callisto protocol:

ian spriggs:

codec avatars:


star wars battlefront:

the vanishing of ethan carter:


peter Hervé:

Our team:
🎤 Voice and Script by Jayce Marcus:
📜 Script, Mr. Marine Iguana:
Script/Editing: Lucasmelor


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1 month ago

Realistic is just realistic, it's just doesn't look gorgeous. You'll see more stylized games feel gorgeous. Realistic will just amaze for a while.

1 month ago

I feel like photorealistic graphics end up just being boring 90% of the time. There LITERALY is no room for creative freedom.

1 month ago

i love it so much!

1 month ago

Bening a game developer only things I can say is, the way technology is moving towords the future, it will collapse like that, becoz video gmaes needs a story and the touch!!! 'the touch' only human can bring to the society..not any 0 or 1.

1 month ago

It could render zombie cities absolutely real

1 month ago

or a pre-render.

1 month ago

Why this dude sound like he's one stroke away from blowing a load

1 month ago

Zuckerberg casually explaining the unspeakable horrors he is about to inflict onto us when we're chained down to a stretching table

1 month ago

Can’t wait to see it in VAM.

1 month ago

Every line on the face is 10 GB of storage on your hard drive

1 month ago

Yeahh they did achieve realism but the thing that makes it obvious which one is unreal is that face animations… They still haven't figured out a way to put those micro facial expression details that bring life to the faces… I was easily able to distinguish between real amd render because of the absence of those fine expression details

1 month ago

8:33 into an era called artificial insanity

1 month ago

NVIDIA unrealengine chatGPT

1 month ago

0:04 left one because it looks too perfect. So if I would search for something made in 3D I look for something what looks too good no person is that perfect. But it still could be luck that I got it right 😂 The right one has not so dark full eyes…..

1 month ago

Battlefront 2 is a great looking game amazing in 4k with all the reflections and blaster effects

1 month ago

it's a bit irritating when a video about graphics has to stop and explain that other games exist with different things going for them simply because some people are too dumb to realise the that just because a video focuses on one thing, doesn't mean it disregards or has negative views on another. So maybe ignore these people and just focus on the content. Chat to them in the comments if you really need to

1 month ago

Alright, so we went from escaping the reality to creating it

1 month ago

Awesome 👍!!!

1 month ago

man we need to keep this away from chris robbers or he would never release squadron 42

1 month ago

Real life is Unreal Engine 7.

1 month ago

That’s why older games are more fun than the latest.

1 month ago

The content is nice, but the voice of the narrator…

1 month ago

Ian springs is really really talented

1 month ago

no matter how realistic they get, no one keeps making random facial expressions, most of the time we are serious and not moving our eyebrows, the more facial movement, the less natural it looks, maybe they should also invest in mocap for the mouth and lips, something that would be more sensitive to micro movements, Furthermore, the mocap of walking, running and simple actions like opening doors, are always staged as if it were in a movie, exaggerated movements, in real life people are not performative, in general these are the things I miss to make games more realistic

1 month ago

The more realistic the games become, The less interesting they will be.

1 month ago

The shadows still look wrong. They give away that it's artificial

1 month ago

Pin me if you truly read the comments 🙄

1 month ago

I watched LOTR extended edition and they were doing this to make Smeagol and the trolls and such look real. Had to create the bones and muscles and the whole 9. Because our brains can just tell.

1 month ago

So the matrix is real

1 month ago

Imagine the last matrix game….

1 month ago

I need CS with that level of details 7:15

1 month ago

great video

1 month ago

Ive been saying this for the last 20 years. Instead of an artist trying to animate textures why not just use photos and texture those in a game engine. Take a high quality photo of a floor tile and use that for the game.

1 month ago

Guys i think were about 5 years away from AI merging with these game graphics and at that point the interaction will be nearly indistinguishable from real life. With advanced VR technology it looks like by 2030 we will have what is essentially the matrix. Where we can ask it to make any scenario for us and we will be able to feel like we are living in that reality. A photo realistic roman empire, old west, world war 2. A star wars or lord of the rings game so real its hard to believe its not actual reality. The ability to feel like you are spiderman or batman.

1 month ago

Oh my god is this leaks of google earth 2

1 month ago

water isnt there yet, the shining on objects isnt there yet, foliage CLIPPING through shit is still an issue. 15 years, maybe

1 month ago

Unreal is doing great👍👏

1 month ago

7:37 Parkinson recording? xD

1 month ago

whoever narrated this certainly has the "generic youtube narrator" thing down to a T

1 month ago

i could tell which one was unreal engine and real life apart pretty easily

1 month ago

0:31 "the eyeballs feature ray tracing technology"

Truly, one of the quotes of all time.

1 month ago

we're in a simulation probably more likely than not

1 month ago

Seems like po*nhub is going to be very busy especially around the holidays!

1 month ago

Arasaka Soulkiller finally being started huh