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Red Dead Redemption 2 mod creates the perfect upgrade for your horse

Much as I love a good horseback ride, it’s about time Red Dead Redemption 2 embraced modernity. A new mod finally brings cars to the old West, introducing one mass produced model to the roads, so you can trade saddles for a sleek, leather interior.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 mod is simply known as RDR 2 Car Mod, and it gives the open-world game a single automobile. Players can spawn as many as they want, in one of four colors. Having only one model might seem reductive, but this is the 1910s to ’20s. That’s a century ago, there wasn’t a lot of selection then.

Anyway, the car is an inspired version of the 1929 Ford Model A. A fine automobile if ever there was one, a beacon of American craftmanship and automotive ingenuity. (I know next to nothing about cars, but it looks and sounds like a perfectly era-appropriate choice for the mod.)

Once you have the mod installed in the Western game, you can use F9 through F12 to spawn one of the cars, each button corresponding to a different color. They have functional headlights and horn, and you can switch been UIs at will. These are designed for free play, so using them during story missions might cause some issues.

Don’t crash either, it’ll cause lag. So drive safely! This may not be among the most complex RDR 2 mods, but it still makes a fine addition to the roster, especially if you like experimenting with historic simulation or finding ways for Red Dead Redemption 2 to feel like the first.

Since the GTA 6 release date is still some ways away, it’s always a good time to dive back into Red Dead. Have a look at our list of the best sandbox games for more worlds to explore and make your won.

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