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Red Dead Redemption Is Free For GTA Subscribers

Time to go to the Wild West.

For those that are subscribed to GTA+ will be glad to learn that Red Dead Redemption is now available as part of it. To further explain, this subscription service is one many GTA console players have as it is only avaliable on Xbox and PlayStation. Players who play GTA on PC won’t be able to get the subscription.

Red Dead Redemption can now be downloaded as Xbox 360 or PS4 versions of the game, with it players can also get the Undead Nightmare DLC expansion, which is basically RDR but with zombies and it is up to you to stop them. All of these can now be downloaded for no additional costs to those who have the subscribtion service. Rockstar posted today to ler everyone know about their new promotion.

GTA+ costs $5.99 a month, which isn’t bad considering all they include in their subscription service. Each month that a player is subbed, they will receive extra cash money in GTA, cars, other content, and exclusvie events as well. The only downside is this is only avaliable on console.

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Even though the versions of the game are older, active PS5 and Xbox Series X/S owners will be able to download Red Dead Redemption onto their console without any problems. Do note that the game isn’t crossplay or cross save, so you’ll have to pick which one you want your benefits on. Both GTA and RDR are avaliable on Xbox, PC, and PS5.

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