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Release Dates out the Wazoo! | BEST NEW Trailers October 2023 – Part 2


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00:00 ► #10 WRATH: Aeon of Ruin :
00:32 ► #9 DREDGE – The Pale Reach :
02:33 ► #8 GRAVEN :
03:21 ► #7 KarmaZoo :
04:33 ► #6 Wizordum :
05:21 ► #5 GUNHEAD :
06:16 ► #4 Spells & Secrets :
07:10 ► #3 :
08:04 ► #2 :
09:08 ► #1 :

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5 months ago

Graven looks interesting 🧐 I’ll definitely check it out

5 months ago

Graven reminds me of king's quest 8 mask of eternity, if it's heavy on the puzzle side it would be interesting, but we'll see after full release

5 months ago

Laika is a day-one buy for me. That demo was amazing.

5 months ago

Nice dude, my Bday is in late November. Happy early birthday 😀

5 months ago

Does the last faith have multiple endings?

5 months ago

Indie devs need to take a note from the Laika devs, and hold off on announcing anything about your game until you’re DAMN sure it’ll be done within 6 months to a year TOPS!
I currently have over 3,000 titles in my wishlist, half of them have been there for well over a year, and don’t even have a glimmer of hope of being released in 2024! Maybe if more developers took the time to make something that looked better than Atari 2600 software, steam wouldn’t be the cesspool that it is!
But then again, that’s like being angry at the inmate for escaping when the doors were wide open, and neon signs showing him the way out (in other words, Steam has no quality control)

5 months ago

Is anyone in here as sick of First Person Everything as I am? I loved the first Bioshock, and even though Metroid belongs in 2D, I actually enjoyed the prime series!
But if I never see another FPS again, it’ll be too soon!
I just hate the viewpoint, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over the heartbreak of the sequel to Cryptark getting ruined by the awful decision to make it an FPS (and there’s a clip of it as I write this… that was strange!)

5 months ago

Hello !
First I want to say I love your channel.
Secondly I would be thankful if you stopped using the "boomer shooter" expression.
Boomer is a word that is quite disrespectfully used on the web.
Why should we define a kind of game by the generation that has seen its rise?
It doesn't define what the game really is.
And that generation shouldn't be wrapped up in a pejorative word.
thanks for your reading and have a really nice day !

5 months ago

Laika looks like it could be indie goty material.

Nervous about The Last Faith. The combat in the latest demo was lacking polish and I'm worried that aesthetics alone are not going to save it, being released shortly after Blasphemous 2 where people might now be a bit apathetic to the pixel art grim dark look.

5 months ago

Let us see if 3D Realms can wrangle Graven and Wrath into something worthwhile when 1.0 drops in 2024

5 months ago

Happy Almost Birthday!

5 months ago

Lots of FPS releases ! Thankfully we have The Last Faith too! Happy early birthday Clemmy. Thanks for the videos as always! ♥♥

5 months ago

Just want to say I really like your channels format. You dont waste time in your lists with needless padding and you don't steal the spotlight by making the video about yourself but yet, you've got enough personality to make each video entertaining enough to watch. Cheers!

5 months ago

Graven looks artistically pretty cool. Wizordum and Last Faith too, but they're a little more conventional

5 months ago

Karmazoo – social coop experiment seems like a fresh great idea if it captures the imagination of players.

The Last Faith – Agree one of the most anticipated indie games of the year here. Looks phenomenal and for me seems to capture the metroidvania / castlevania vibe the most of any of the many games in this popular genre. Tbh I like these games more in the vein of the grand old indie UNEPIC where there's RPG elements as well as combat by hook or crook or book !!

5 months ago

Played the Laika demo a while ago, looking forward to it

5 months ago

Laika comes out two days before my birthday🎉😅

5 months ago

Lol I loved hexen back on my dial up modem😂. I actually haven't heard anybody reference it since like 1997

5 months ago

The Last Faith automatically reminds me of Blasphemous series. My most favorite of this list Bro ❤❤❤❤

5 months ago

Wizordum looks really nice. It resembles Delver, quite a lot to say the truth, but it's still a game I'm willing to play

5 months ago

Wrath and GRAVEN will finally be released! I hope…

5 months ago

Right on time of my lunch. Thanks!!

5 months ago

Last faith Finally gets the release date !!! Let’s hope they stick to it🤞 🤘🤘

5 months ago


5 months ago