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Resident Evil 1 Remake is in production and will release in 2026, leaker says

Capcom is once again remaking Resident Evil 1.

That’s according to noted horror genre leaker Dusk Golem and survival horror YouTuber Biohazard Declassified, both of whom have stepped up this weekend with rumours that Capcom is looking to breathe new life into the game that started it all, the very first Resident Evil.

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Biohazard Declassified says they received an anonymous email that claims the game – with the working title, Biohazard: Resident Evil 1 – will be slower paced than RE2 Remake, feature a “different this person camera”, and explore RE1’s lore “further”.

It’s also alleged that each Zombie will have their own unique model due to the small number of enemies within the game, “bullet sponge” enemies, and see the return of Crimson Heads.

Furthermore, there will be “no more pre-rendered backgrounds”; “each room will load up background assets and the rest of the assets will load when doors are opened. This is to improve visuals and lighting”.

Golem took to social media on Sunday to substantiate the rumour.

“I can confirm that a new remake of Resident Evil 1 is in production and is scheduled to be released during the franchise’s 30th anniversary in 2026,” Golem said on X/Twitter.

“Some of the information circulating is true, such as the fact that it will be in third person. If I had to guess the same, it would probably be Resident Evil 1.”

Whilst Golem has been correct about some early leaks – most notably those concerning Silent Hill 2 Remake, Alone in the Dark, and Resident Evil: Village – their record is not quite pristine, so this can only be taken as a rumour with a giant bucket of cautionary salt for now.

Interestingly, Golem made similar claims earlier this month, claiming Resident Evil 9 “should be revealed pretty soon and release next year”.

“I have good news/rumours to deliver on Resident Evil 9,” Dusk tweeted at the time. “The possible delay I had heard murmurs about can be pushed aside. [Resident Evil 9] should be revealed pretty soon and release next year. If what I heard previously holds true, should be in January. It’ll have had about seven years in [development].”

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