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Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition is available now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox Series consoles

New expansion content, new story DLC, cosmetic items and more!

Fans of Resident Evil rejoice! The remake of the greatest game in Resi’s franchise released to overwhelming positivity in 2023, and now there’s an RE 4 Gold Edition to get stuck into. 

Want to know how much the Resi 4 Gold Edition costs, where to get it and what’s included? Well, you’re in the right place.

Oh, and if you’ve never played a game from this series before, why not take a look at all the Resident Evil games?

Are there any reviews for Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition?

Not exactly. Although this particular version of RE4 doesn’t have many (if any) reviews, the base game of 2023’s Resident Evil 4 remake received hundreds of glowing reviews.

Nearly all of *checks notes* 201 critic reviews recommended playing the Resi 4 remake, earning a ‘Mighty’ badge on OpenCritic. This gold edition adds extra content to what was undoubtedly one of 2023’s best games.

How much does Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition cost?

Without discount, the Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition retails for $49.99 across PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

It’s not a bad price, considering what some AAA games are priced at nowadays, but if you want better deals, we’ve collected the latest available discounts for RE4 Gold Edition below.

If you’re playing on PC, you’ll probably want to check out the latest Steam key deals below.

More of a PlayStation kind of gamer? Here’s a list of any available discounts for you.

Looking for the Xbox Series X|S version? We’ve got the details on deals for you right here.

Want to wait to see if the Resi Evil 4 Gold Edition drops in price? No problem, you can set up a price alert. Just click on the above widget for the platform of your choice and use the buttons at the top of the game page. You can tailor it to your liking, so you can choose to only be notified once RE4 Gold Edition is on sale at a specific price, receive all price-drop alerts, and more.

What’s Included in the Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition?

The Resi 4 Gold Edition comes with some great added extras, including story DLC and cosmetic items that were previously only available in Resident Evil 4’s deluxe pack. Check out the complete set below:

  • Resident Evil 4 base game
  • Treasure Map: Expansion
  • Leon & Ashley Costumes: ‘Casual’
  • Leon & Ashley Costumes: ‘Romantic’
  • Leon Costume & Filter: ‘Hero’
  • Leon Costume & Filter: ‘Villain’
  • Leon Accessory: ‘Sunglasses (Sporty)’
  • Deluxe Weapon: ‘Sentinel Nine’
  • Deluxe Weapon: ‘Skull Shaker’
  • ‘Original Ver.’ Soundtrack Swap

Is Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition on Game Pass?

With the Resident Evil 2 Remake already on Game Pass and Resident Evil 3 Remake imminently arriving on the subscription service, Microsoft and Capcom clearly already have a close relationship, so never say never. However, for now, there’s no hint that the Resi 4 Gold Edition will be hitting Game Pass anytime soon.

Is Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition Steam Deck verified?

Resident Evil 4 is Steam Deck verified, meaning the gold edition is too. Steam Deck verification means it’s been fully tested and approved to run brilliantly on the portable PC.

What do you think? Have you played the Resi 4 remake already but are tempted to upgrade to the gold edition? Speaking of the Resident Evil games, what’s your favorite in the series? Are there any yet to get a remaster that you’re desperate for Capcom to announce? How many survival horror games have you played — and which would you recommend to other players? Let us know!

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