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Resident Evil 4 is suddenly a lot cheaper, forever

The original Resident Evil 4 is one of the finest action games ever made and its remake, which came out last year, is a solid, if less energetic and colorful, reinterpretation of its source material that’s still well worth your attention. Fortunately, anyone looking to check out Capcom’s lavish reworking of RE4 can now grab a copy on PC for a significant, permanent discount that’s brought its price down to $39.99 USD alongside the launch of its Gold Edition.

Since it launched early last year, Resident Evil 4 Remake’s creators have expanded upon the horror game with extra costumes and weapons as well as a substantial add-on that remakes the Separate Ways side-story, starring morally ambiguous spy Ada Wong.

These additions are packed into the recently available Gold Edition, which now costs $49.99 USD, and, seemingly as a result of this deluxe version’s availability, the price of the base game has been cut down accordingly.

Capcom has a long history of adding DLC and expansions to the Resident Evil games after each release, eventually bundling everything together into deluxe editions. While the Resident Evil 4 remake’s price cut and the release of the Gold Edition are more than welcome, they’re also a reminder that most versions of the original game since the initial GameCube release have given players unlockable Mercenaries mode costumes and the Separate Ways story without charging an extra fee.

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