Ring Fit Adventure: 10 Ways To Maximize Your Custom Workouts

What started out as a fun little workout game has now become a quarantine must-have. Of course, we’re talking about the Switch title Ring Fit AdventureThe game became a huge hit once everyone was locked inside and out of gyms. One mode that you can play is Custom Workout, which allows you to craft a workout of your own using all of the exercise options available in-game. Today, we’re going to go over 10 ways to maximize those custom workouts. Let’s get into it.

10 Set One For Each Part Of The Body

One of the best ways to get the most out of Custom Workouts is to focus an entire set to a specific part of the body. Make a leg set, an arm set, an ab set, and a chest set. You can make these through what the game recommends, or put together your own list. Focusing on one part of the body during each set will max out how much you get out of each set.

9 Break Them Up With Rhythm Games

One of the best additions to Ring Fit Adventure is the rhythm games. Set to either the game’s soundtrack or a few classic Nintendo hits, The rhythm games allow you to get a workout in while bopping around to your favorite Nintendo hits. It doesn’t hurt to switch out the songs every once in a while so you don’t get bored of them, and to target a different part of the body depending on the set you’re doing.

8 Do A Running Day

By far you’re going to burn the most calories while running, so make sure to capitalize on that fact when creating your Ring Fit Adventure sets.

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One way to do this is by creating one set that is all about running. You can do a ton of different courses to keep things interesting, but running is going to burn those calories, so make sure to use that set frequently to keep in tip-top shape.

7 Or A Little Running Every Day

If you don’t want to make a set centered on running, then add a few running sessions into all of your sets, two would be a good number to throw into the mix.

There are plenty of different running sessions that target different parts of the body, so make sure to use that type of running in order to continue working the correct part of the body that your set is focused on.

6 Do Multiple Sets A Day

Sets don’t actually last all that long, maybe 15 minutes when you count the time in between exercises and stretching. If you want to get a good workout in, doing more than one set will push you a bit harder. Two is a good number that will get your workout to around 40-50 minutes depending on how quickly you move. If you do more than one set a day, make sure to skip the closing stretch and opening stretch in the middle.

5 Switch The Settings Up While Running

One of the nice things that Custom Workouts allows you to do is change the time of day in your running sessions. This isn’t all that big of a feature, of course, but it can help to keep things interesting.

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Running at different times of the day can make things feel different, and can totally change up the vibe of your workout. Who doesn’t love an evening stroll every once in a while?

4 Do A Yoga Day

Another way to utilize your Custom Workouts is by adding in a yoga set to your rotation, or even two, if you’re up for it. This can help to break things up in between your regular workouts, along with, well, giving you all the benefits that yoga is known for! Need to work on your balance a little bit? Maybe get that core engaged? Yoga will do just that for you!

3 Add In Minigames

Another great part of Ring Fit Adventure is the minigames. These games are still workouts, of course, but they’re much more game-oriented as opposed to being a regular old workout. These can help to break up your sessions a bit, and hopefully help you forget that you’re acutally working out. Who wants to remember that?

2 Double Up On Your Favorites

You don’t have to be totally rigid with all of your workouts. Do you have a favorite day? Leg day is fun, right? Who doesn’t love leg day? Well, there’s no reason not to double up on your favorite part of the body to workout. Add in a second leg set somewhere a bit later in your list. This allows you to really target a part of the body you want to work, and you can try out some new exercises, too!

1 Max Out Your Reps

If you’re ready for it, you should 100% max out the rep counts for all sessions in your sets. Maxing out the rep count is, of course, going to give you the best workout possible, and doing anything less is doing yourself an injustice. This is all, of course, if you can physically do it. If you’re new to working out, do not push your body harder than it can go. Take your time, you know your body best.

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