Roblox introduces real-time AI chat translation, says the next frontier is seamless voice translation including the ‘tone, rhythm, and emotion’ of its users’ lil voices

Roblox has introduced a new AI text translation feature, which translates users’ chat in real-time into other languages. The feature is available to all Roblox experiences (the terminology used by the platform for user-created worlds) via the TextChatService, and Roblox Corp said it means “the chat window will automatically show Korean translated into English, or Turkish translated into German, and vice versa, so that each person sees the conversation in their own tongue.”

The company rather grandly points out that translating text chat like this in real-time (the latency between input and translated output is apparently around 100 milliseconds) is “something that isn’t even possible in the physical world.” At launch these 16 languages are supported, including Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish.

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