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Round Up: Eastasiasoft Reveals 16 Upcoming Switch Games In Spring 2024 Showcase

Publisher Eastasiasoft has today revealed its ‘Spring 2024 Showcase,’ highlighting all of the games that are coming our way over the next year.

Of the 18 titles featured in the 15-minute presentation, 16 of them are confirmed to be coming to Switch. The Switch-bound games include the pixel art underground explorer Mining Mechs, top-down puzzler SokoFrog and the console-exclusive shoot ’em up Söldner-X Complete Collection.

You can check out footage of all of the included games in the full showcase at the top of this article, though we have also listed all of the entries below with prices and release dates where available.

Do any of the games featured in today’s showcase take your fancy? Let us know what you’re eyeing up in the comments.

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