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Round Up: The First “Hands On” Impressions Of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Are In

Right, so what are other outlets first impressions of this game so far? Siliconera called it “scarily good”:

“Overall, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD seems like its going to hold up really well on the Nintendo Switch…the graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is still as charming as ever. Whether this continues deeper into the game, we’ll have to wait and see.” mentioned how it seemed like a faithful remaster, but also thought it carried over some issues:

“some of the game’s issues have also been carried over. The biggest of these is the way that saves are handled. The game has a mission-based approach that was designed specifically with portable play in mind. Unfortunately, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD only saves after you complete each mission, and there’s no ability to manually save the game.”

My Nintendo News thinks the improved graphics should make it worth the double-dip:

“Although it’s not quite as graphically impressive as Luigi’s Mansion 3, the visual differences between the 3DS and Switch versions will make it worth the double-dip for many, even with the increase in price over the original. While there doesn’t seem to be anything new in terms of content, the remaster will definitely be an extra special treat for those who never owned a 3DS and haven’t played the critically-acclaimed game before.”

If you’re wondering how it plays “without 3D”, here’s how summed up the experience:

“Like many Nintendo 3DS games, Luigi’s Mansion 2 didn’t use the 3D effect much. Enabling the 3D effect made some environmental puzzles easier. Still, ultimately, the benefit of 3D with the original was to give the game a presentational boost with a diorama effect. It is now in HD and on a big screen, more than makes up for it.”

And Pocket Tactics believes fans can keep “high hopes” for this one:

“All-in-all, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is gearing up to be a carefully crafted remake of Luigi’s slightly lesser-known spookfest, with fantastic visuals, engaging gameplay, and a glut of great one-liners from fan-favorite character Professor E. Gadd. Like many of Nintendo’s recent remakes and remasters, it’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, but why would you when that original wheel rolls so wonderfully down through the spooky domain that is Evershade Valley? If you’ve got high hopes for this one, keep them high, because it’s shaping up to be a real treat.”

Be on the lookout for our review of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD for Switch when the game arrives later this month on 27th June 2024.

Are you excited about this upcoming release? Did you play the original 3DS release? Let us know in the comments.

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