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Sago Mini First Words teaches kids language skills with a customised experience, out now on iOS

Sago Mini has announced a new gamified learning app called Sago Mini First Words, letting children aged five and below learn language skills with a customised experience. Carefully crafted in collaboration with Otsimo – and designed with the help of child psychologists, speech pathologists and early child development professionals – the app engages children with mini-games and interactive elements to make learning more fun.

Sago Mini First Words features gameplay that’s grounded in scientific research on speech therapy, with peer mimicking at its centre. Children are encouraged to repeat words as the app customises their learning experience to give each child a specialised progression system.

First Words merges the Sago Mini brand’s thoughtfully designed aesthetic that’s full of color, friendly characters and playful activities with Otismo’s expertise in educational solutions,” says Jason Krogh, Founder of the Sago Mini brand and CEO of Sago Sago Toys Inc. “Designed to be both educational and entertaining, the app offers fun and engaging learning opportunities tailored to spark kids’ interest while developing communication skills. With new content and surprises released every month, little ones will be excited to see what comes next.”

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Sago Mini on an app that supports children of all developmental stages aged five and under,” says Zafer Elcik, Otsimo’s CEO. “Our goal has always been to provide every kid the best possible education solution that fits their needs and is accessible no matter where they’re from. I’m super excited to partner with a like-minded, amazing team to create Sago Mini First Words.”

If you’re curious about the gamified learning tool, Sago Mini First Words is available to download on the iOS App Store. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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