Saints Row: How to Get the Thrustbuster

The Thrustbuster is perhaps the most unique weapon in the Saints Row reboot and one of the few that perfectly embodies the odd-ball shenanigans the franchise is most known for. Strange and completely chuckle-worthy, the weapon is a sticky metal football that attaches to enemies and uses thrusters to send them rocketing in random directions, resulting in a one-shot kill. 

Just as with the Hoverboard, it’s possible to play through the entirety of Saints Row and never come across the Thrustbuster. It’s a reward for completing one of the game’s Criminal Ventures. This guide will tell you how to unlock the Thrustbuster and how to use it. 

How to Unlock the Thrustbuster

To get the Thurstbuster, you must first unlock the Empire Table in the Saints Church HQ. You’ll do so after completing the 10th campaign quest, “Networking.”

You’ll next need to increase your Empire Tier Level to Tier Level 2 and unlock the Eurekabator! Criminal Venture. You’ll raise your Empire Level automatically after completing the sidequest, “Drawing Heat,” which becomes available after placing three Criminal Ventures and completing the 11th campaign mission, “Aggressive Recruiting.”  

Complete the third mission in the Eurekabator! questline (after getting the Hoverboard and the Quantum Aperture). Simply follow the waypoints and complete the objectives, and you’ll get the Thrustbuster at the end as a reward. 

Once unlocked, you can add the football of death to your weapon wheel by visiting any Friendly Fire location or accessing your Weapon Cache at Saints HQ. It can be found under the Special Weapons tab. 

The Thrustbuster has 8 “shots” and the Mass Transit signature ability, which pulls along more enemies caught in an enemy’s path. Unlock it by making single enemies fly a total of 6,000 meters. 

  • Throw: Press R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox.
  • Fine Aim Throw: Hold L2 and press R2 on PlayStation; hold LT and press RT on Xbox. 

And that’s it on the Thrustbuster in Saints Row. To learn how to unlock all the other weapons in the game, head to our complete weapons list here. Consider checking out our Saints Row guides hub for more tips on building your Criminal Empire and becoming your own Boss. 

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