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Save up to 20% on Helldivers 2 Steam key and play Sony’s biggest PC release to date

The Gamebillet offer is now back, but the keys may get out of stock again!

As we have reported, Helldivers 2 is enjoying massive popularity on Steam – to the point of overshadowing other PlayStation titles released on PC. Perhaps surprisingly, the game has topped the charts, with thousands of gamers going crazy about shooting aliens with their friends. Currently, the peak number of concurrent players is nearing 200,000. Will it go even further?

If you want to learn the secret behind this third-person shooter’s fame, we have compiled a bunch of discounts that will allow you to get a cheap Helldivers 2 Steam key from official distribution or selected keyshops.

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Where to get a cheap Helldivers 2 Steam key?

Ready to dive into hell (again)? If so, you will definitely be happy to learn that the budget-friendly offer for a Helldivers 2 Steam key is now back on Gamebillet. Be advised: it may get out of stock sooner rather than later—in fact, that’s what happened with it before! Additionally, a bunch of other official stores sell the game at budget-friendly prices. Below, you will find the list of the best deals that will allow you to get the Helldivers 2 key without spending a ton of money.

Several keyshops also have the Helldivers 2 key in their offers, with discounts currently going up to 22%. The game’s base price is already lower than in the case of most big 2024 releases, so with these bargains, you should definitely get a bigger bang for your buck. Feel free to check out the deals below!

What do you think about this game? Are you going to make use of the current discount to get the Helldivers 2 Steam key, or maybe you are already knee-deep into galactic combat? Let us know in the comments!

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