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Scythe: Digital Edition announces plans to implement all of the expansions into the mobile adaptation

The mobile adaptation of the now legendary board game Scythe, aptly titled Scythe: Digital Edition, has released some information on the upcoming DLC. These pieces of DLC match up with the real-world board game counterpart’s expansions, and include the likes of The Wind Gambit first, then onto the Modular Board, then onto The Rise of Fenris. This DLC release line-up matches up with how those expansions were released for the actual tabletop game, in order as well.

For those of you who are a bit confused, Scythe: Digital Edition is a video game version of a tabletop board game by the same name. Scythe is, at least how I describe it to people when they ask what it’s like, Risk meets Settlers of Catan but with better art than either of those games and giant robots. Think a worker placement game meets a war game to sum it up quickly.

And now, Digital Edition players will finally have their hands on all of the same expansions that real-world players have. The Wind Gambit, first up on the release schedule, sees the introduction of brand new units you can build: giant airships. These airships can act as a checkpoint of sorts, forcing anyone in their surroundings to pay a tax unless they can destroy them. This introduces a wrench into the normal Scythe gameplay loop, and makes for quite an interesting addition.

On the other hand, the Modular Board that will be released after is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to customize the board to your liking, making it less samey after you’ve played hundreds of games on the base game’s board.

That leaves us with The Rise of Fenris, which is Scythe’s biggest expansion to date. This one introduces an entirely new way to play the game alongside two brand-new factions as well. Fenris turns Scythe into a Campaign-style board game in the same ilk as Gloomhaven or Arkham Horror, making the games follow a storyline with consequences rather than be one-offs.

So, needless to say, with these new additions on their way within the coming months, there’s never been a better time to try out Scythe: Digital Edition, be it if you’re a new player or a table topper who’s looking to see if the adaptation is worth its salt. If you’d like to give it a go, check it out at the link below this article!

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