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Sea Of Thieves Could Lead To More Xbox Exclusives On Other Platforms

I felt pity for the XBOX CEO with his mindset by giving away their exclusive XBOX games to other consoles and never make genuine their exclusive XBOX games that suitable for everyone like Nintendo games + the idea from XBOX ONE to start DRM check for each time play, Must getting connected Online fir even playing Offline games, Not allowed to use second games, game pass, etc that from my perspective, those ideas are really stupid from peoples who have no passion in making video games that just only thinking about controversial ideas to build the future with false ideas in gaming.

The more we see XBOX exclusives one by one goes to other consoles, the even stronger my reason to NOT consider their future XBOX machines that become anti-consumer friendly with stupid ideas.

What can I get from their next XBOX machines?
They have NO Mario like games.
They have NO Animal Crossing like games
They have NO DDR style games.
They have NO Kinect style games anymore.
They have NOTHING to offer for me, so why I should I give any care for them when XBOX CEO keep being lazy, hungry for attention with worthless comments (thinking about Game pass on Switch then scrapped after that for example), keep thinking how to destroy gaming world with stupid ideas?
It just about getting more money for them but sacrifice the essential of video gaming for us.

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