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Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 Game Overview | Xbox Direct 2024

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is the continuation of the titular psychological dark fantasy series. Developer Ninja Theory showed off more of the game’s story, detailing Senua’s growth from the first game, and the looming threats she faces while undergoing psychosis. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is expected to release May 21, 2024.

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Intro 0:00
Story 0:47
Combat 2:50
Senua 4:03
Immersion – 4:28
Spatial Audio and Music – 4:55


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16 days ago

When Melina started talking I instantly recognised those eyes!
Had absolutely no idea Senua was cast from a real person, now ive seen how much attention to detail the costume and make-up designers put in to REAL costumes before digitising them i have to say bravo to Ninja Theory and the entire team behind Senua 1 & 2, you guys are pioneers in Video game realism.

16 days ago

So, you're saying this game is going to be really short, with lots of cut scenes and less gameplay? But it's OK, it's going to look pretty? 🤷‍♂️

16 days ago

1 of the best things in Hellblade is that its got no HUD (On screen health bars and stuff) and that everything is given to you visually and through audio. Even things like an enemy running up behind you, instead of flashing an on screan marker a voice will shout "BEHIND YOU". This game is actually a straight master peace.

16 days ago

I'm ready for this one!

16 days ago

Barely showed any gameplay. I have a bad feeling about this one.

16 days ago

This game was one of the first games I purchased after getting out of the hospital an for extreme Psyco episode. I remember crying and completely understanding what she was going through, and I can gladly say this game very much helped to believe I wasn’t actually being targeted spiritually or intentionally being antagonized by people and that my symptoms were completely biological. I won’t go on to long but I haven’t taken any medication for over 5 years and though I may be a little off at times I completely recognize my symptoms and combat them with memory and rest. Much reassurance to anyone going through a struggle mentally or physically you can beat it and you can excel in in mastering your own life! Much luck and many wishes to you all, cannot wait to see the next chapter.

16 days ago

Finished the first one today, can't wait for this next one! I liked the music with this game, Surtr's song being my favorite and I love Heilung so I will definitely be excited to hear what they have In store for this soundtrack!

16 days ago

so they made her…weaker? lil confusing.. still cant wait tho

16 days ago

Huge respect to David Garcia Diaz for the incredible amount of work he puts into the sound of Hellblade.

16 days ago

Goosebumps. Can't wait!!!!

16 days ago

I am reeeaalllllyyy hoping that stutter is from the capture 😬 looks awesome otherwise

16 days ago

Why am I bothered that he says it's a shorter expirence

16 days ago

Can't wait. My Series X collecting dust. Finally something I can play on it. 😀

16 days ago

This game is gonna flop

16 days ago

This game looks jaw-droppingly good – and a little terrifying. I watched a friend play a few hours of the first game, and was blown away. Can’t wait to check this out. Love this peek behind the scenes. Special thanks for showcasing the audio piece!

16 days ago

Hellblade 1 is Not on Ps5???!!?? WHY

16 days ago

looks great, also cool to hear they overworked the combat, that was a little the downside of the first game. everything else was really cool. also excitred about the binaural qualities in the audio department, I felt the audio design in the first hellblade was already masterful, this will maybe have you even more on edge.

16 days ago

I wanted to like the first one more than I did. The character,setting,visuals and story all intrigued but I must confess the glacial movement did detract.

16 days ago

Funny how they insisted on publishing the first game themselves to have their creative freedom and now under Microsoft they make a sequel to a game that could’ve been unique piece of art. Really hope passion is still louder than money for the sequel

16 days ago

it looks nice walking simulator

16 days ago

Presentation look amazing graphic😮