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Shape Your Life From Childhood to Adulthood in Growing Up

Growing Up by developer Vile Monarch puts you in control of your life as you control every aspect of your childhood and on into parenthood. Choose your friends, learn what you want, and find that perfect someone to raise a family with. Customize your character with a wide range of clothing and hairstyles. And explore a unique game with rich storytelling full of choices for you to make! 

Get lost in the nostalgic sceneries of the 1990s as you navigate life with friends and family in Growing Up. It was an era of rapid social change, plus saw the rise of pop culture, and you get to experience it all by visiting 30 different locations across your city. Visit the movies or listen to music at the local street shop. Learn and master over 200 different skills that can land you in some pretty incredible jobs like astronaut or video game company CEO. Build friendships, get into arguments, fall in love and start a family, and more. Each choice you make influences the narrative you unlock, making this a great game to replay to get different outcomes. 

Where will your story take you?

Release Date

Growing Up is available now on Steam!


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