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SHOCKING ENTIRE Xbox Showcase 2024 Showcase LEAKS & Reveals Games for Xbox Series & PC Event

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Xbox is promised to leverage almost 30 Studios to bring world class first party games to the Xbox platform. But over the past couple of years waiting for revealed games to materialize has fans anticipating the upcoming Xbox showcase for 2024. Games have reached a critical mass in development and Xbox’s poised to reveal some of their biggest games show the most gameplay and finally give us release dates for incredible games we will play in 2024 and into 2025. Here’s what has been revealed for Xbox showcase.

Xbox is working with their suite of studios to bring games to the platform but they are also partnering with publishing studios and partners to create reimagined IPs and wholly new experiences that it is reported we will see in this upcoming showcase for 2024 in June. What will follow is some 20 games that Xbox plans to showcase and map out for us to play over the next year

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:10 Fallout 3 Remaster
0:02:20 Perfect Dark
0:03:51 Project Maverick
0:04:16 Doom Dark Ages
0:05:07 Gears Fenix Collection
0:05:42 Gears 6
0:06:00 State of Decay 3
0:06:51 Fable
0:07:30 Avowed
0:08:15 Clockwork Revolution
0:08:50 Stalker 2
0:09:20 Indiana Jones
0:09:53 Outer Worlds 2
0:10:21 Final Fantasy 16
0:10:55 Banjo Kazooie
0:11:43 Wu Tang Clan Shaolin
0:12:21 Contraband
0:13:27 Forza Horizon 6
0:14:08 Starfield Shattered Space
0:14:51 Blade
0:15:29 Call of Duty Black Ops 6
0:16:09 Elder Scrolls VI

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14 days ago

What game MOST surprised you on this list?
Also, I added chapters so you can go directly to segments and see games

14 days ago

Great recap of all that's out there, Colt. Blue Dragon 2!? More on South of Midnight?

14 days ago

Alright look if your bringing in a wutang game it needs to be like shaolin style with all the fatalities and music like your talking to part of the few people who even knew wutang had a fight game dont mess this up xbox or my foot your ass

14 days ago

The biggest problem with xbox is the fanbase yallnworry about playstation fans entirely too much…if yall supported xbox more yall wouldnt be in the situation that yall are in …games wouldnt have never come to playstation if yall actually supported your platform of choice …blame yourselves …this type of rhetoric wouldnt exist if consoles and game sales were doing much better then what they are . .stop blaming playstation fans for you and your platform of choice short comings …demand bettwr quality games …and maybe people will feel like they actually need an xbox …stop releasing shit day and date on pc …this has nothing to do with playstation and everything to do with your own platform …i gamw on every platform except pc i refuse to support that platform …even though i have an xbox im not aome brain dead fan boy ..they need to release better quality games

14 days ago

Why is nobody talking about halo

14 days ago

Gears + PS5 = Xbox RIP

14 days ago

Perfect dark, Fallout 3 Remastered, Elder Scrolls 6, Fable, Forza Horizon 6, Blade, and Final Fantasy XVI are not showing up….

14 days ago

All these games, just like EVERY showcase EVERY year, are always releasing the NEXT year smh. Only like 2 of the games in this entire presentation is releasing this year smh. Mofos are tired of waiting 10 years for shit. Gaming is dead. Also, stalker 2 is just Metro Last Light isnt it? All these russian/ukranian games be the same setting.

14 days ago

Stalker 2 is all I care about this years besides COD.

14 days ago

I just want to see Banjo-Kazooie back😢, but not like "Nuts and Bolts" please no!

14 days ago

NO Gears of War on Playstation 5!

14 days ago

If this is true… theres only like 3 things that peek my interest.
Final Fantasy 16, Banjo Kazooie and ES 6 out of the whole showcase
copium for Silksong

14 days ago


14 days ago

Stench of BS here is overwhelming.

14 days ago

If Xbox even show half those games it’s going to be a great show. Really excited for the showcase, especially after coming off Hellblade 2 on a high!

I was surprised to see Doom, but that sounds really cool! Absolutely loved Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal.

14 days ago

I member when Xbox has no games, but obviously that mantra fell into a wood chipper 😂…oh the contrast, please phil can we have some more!

14 days ago

So no silk song?

14 days ago

Lets go xbox

14 days ago

Elder Scroll and blade are not showing at this event

14 days ago

Where did you heard the Banjo kazooie playtonic thing

14 days ago

Gears Fenix Collection should not be released on ps5 this is an outrage to the fans of Gears of War. Also, I dont agree with the change in name to merely "Gears", what is this? a car mechanic game? and neither to the new color palette, Gears of War needs to be dark because of the alien horror aspect. These new Gears looks ridiculous with all these colors, as Gotham Knights looks ridiculous to the Batman Arkham trilogy

14 days ago

Black ops 6 being futuristic? Isn’t it rumoured to be set in late 90’s early 2000’s?

14 days ago

Even if they only showed half the games on the list it would be an insane game show. But damn if they really show everything on this list. Id probably go out and get an Xbox

14 days ago

Xbox is changing the game to win. Besides, if you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got.

14 days ago


14 days ago

Silksong is dead

14 days ago

Year of the 6 it seems

14 days ago

just sold my woke box

14 days ago

Nice to see ms closed 4 studios.

14 days ago

God you ppl wine about not wanting woke in your games but then clap like seals when you see woke fable and woke gears 6 you know your going to be stuck playing as Kate and she will be a Mary Sue ect. Your why woke continues 🤣

14 days ago

If there is no Gears of war game then it will be a bust

14 days ago

Ain't the showcase June 9th?

14 days ago

They aren’t getting rid of there big exclusives everyone relax just some games that makes sense to do

14 days ago

The Creation engine is dated and garbage.

14 days ago

The goal isn't to keep making consoles at a loss. It is to buy up all the IP & get read for when there is no need for consoles. Then when cloud gaming becomes more available to play at the least what we now know as the 8th-9th gen consoles on any device w/ just an internet connection it is over.

14 days ago

What ever they say about fallout do not believe 90% of it todd is a lair

14 days ago


14 days ago

I’d absolutely love a space-medieval mashup in the doom universe. HYPE HYPE HYPE

14 days ago

Huge mistake putting the new doom game on PS5 or at least if it's day and date. It could have been a system seller and a huge opportunity for xbox. But no bellend Microsoft execs only looking at the initial sales. Wasted opportunity and fable is doomed to fable as it's clearly riddled with DEI as well as the main character having been beaten with the fugly stick 😂😂

14 days ago

Colt is the biggest Sony fan boy out here. Dude champion the fact gears will be on ps5. Who's side are you on ! Fake xbox fans

14 days ago

This is truly shocking bro! 😂

14 days ago

All of these games sound like a good time, and now that I know a little bit more about Contraband, I really want to give that game a try. Thank you for the great video.

14 days ago

🤭get ready for xbox game of the year 'Candy Crush' with ray tracing😂after seeing the interview with watchs her face i wont even bother to google her name and seeing how she love mobile and cand crush dont get your hopes up

14 days ago

Another reason playstation is afraid to announce a showcase is no exclusive are ready from sony they don't have enough studios to work on projects and just cancelling any good game like last of us Mp