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Shoe-manufacturer Clarks drops new updates for Playprints Roblox experience

  • Clarks Playprints World experience challenges young players to save the Magic Kingdom
  • The British shoe manufacturer has produced many a UK kid’s first pair
  • Now they’re laser-focusing on making Roblox their new big branding tool

Clarks, the famous British shoe manufacturer, has released a major new update for their own bespoke Roblox experience. The new update takes young players back to the Playprints World to save the Magical Kingdom from a monster called the Great Green Devourer. Players will have to call on the help of their friends Rex, Esme, Clowder and Maple to save the day.

If you’re British, and of a certain age, then you’ll probably be familiar with Clarks. The British shoe manufacturer was, for many young kids in the UK, the first set of shoes they’d ever own. With flashy light-up heels, wheelies and more, Clarks has always been at the forefront of kids’ apparel. Now, they’re capitalising on that young audience once more with the newest update to their Roblox experience.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Yes, yes, we know Clarks makes other shoes, not just for kids. But again, if you were young in the UK, you probably knew them for light-up heels and velcro straps. And now Clarks has figured out a new way to get kids to pester their parents for that latest set of sneakers. Yet in all seriousness, it’s interesting to see brands focusing even more on bringing their stuff to Roblox. We saw it only a few weeks ago with the new Kong x Godzilla movie, and Hugo Boss showed off their new line of denim apparel as well.

But does this stuff work? Well, it’s for these brands to know and us to find out I guess…

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