Signalis Blank Key Card Puzzle Solution Guide

Very early in the Medical Ward in Signalis, you’ll come across a save point in Reception near the Elevator Lobby and East Corridor. Just north of this room is the Office, where you’ll find a contraption that requires a Blank Key. You won’t be able to solve this puzzle immediately, but it’s necessary for the 5-Lock Door found later in the area in the Waiting Room. 

This Signalis guide will tell you how to get the Blank Key and solve the puzzle in the Office so you can eventually open the 5-lock door and proceed deeper into the facility. 

How to Get the Blank Key

Before you can even think about getting the Blank Key, you’ll need to solve the Pump room puzzle to drain the water from the Protektor Bathroom off of the West Corridor, the same place you pick up the Pump Room key in the first place. 

Once you’ve solved the Pump Room puzzle, the water in the Protektor Bathroom will drain, allowing you to jump down to the floor below. Do so, and head to the door down and right when you enter the Flooded Corridor. This is the Flooded Store Room. The Blank Key is on a stack of boxes on the far right side of the room. 

How to Solve the Blank Key Puzzle

With the Blank Key in hand, head back toward reception, but don’t go inside. Instead, enter the North Corridor. Go into Imaging, and interact with the X-ray machine in the back. Select item “D,” which should be a keycard in some type of hardened plaster substance.

Activate the X-ray, and turn the object so that the black corner (not the black edge) of the keycard is facing down toward “Toggle Image Mode.” You’ll notice that there are dots on the card itself and some of them are connected by a line. Take a picture of the card or jot down the design: you’ll need it shortly, and there’s no reason to commit it to memory and jog back if you forget. 

Go back to the Office above Reception, and interact with the computer in the back. Insert the Blank Key. A keycard image with the same dots as the X-ray card will appear on the computer screen, except they won’t be connected by a line. You’ll also notice that the black portion of the card is in the lower right corner. 

The goal here is to retrace the design from the X-ray card on the Blank Card in the computer. You have 8 movements. Here’s how to use them: 

  • Start in the top left. Click that node, then move: 

    • Right.
    • Down.
    • Right.
    • Up.
    • Down.
    • Down.
    • Right.
    • Up.

Once you’ve retraced the design, print the key and remove it. It will still be called the Blank Key, but don’t worry about that. Now take it with the Fire, Air, Water, and Gold keys to the 5-Lock Door; insert it into the “E” slot (it’s a stand-in for the Earth key, which doesn’t exist). 

With the Blank Key puzzle solved, you’re one-fifth of the way to opening the 5-Lock Door in the Waiting Room, and moving on to some of the tougher areas of Signalis. For more guides, including how to solve the Incinerator Puzzle, click the link or head over here to our guides hub for the survival-horror gem

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