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Silent Hill 2 Remake developer is “excited” and “very confident”

Bloober Team says it is “very confident” and “excited” about Silent Hill 2 Remake.

In the studio’s annual report to shareholders, as translated by @pl_evil, the team expressed its excitement about the highly anticipated remake, stating that it was “very confident about the final result”, and acknowledged the success of Silent Hill 2 Remake will be “the most important test” the studio has faced.

Silent Hill 2 – Teaser Trailer | PS5 Games.Watch on YouTube

“We do not hide it internally or externally – this is the most important test of our actions,” the team reportedly said.

“We are not only excited, but at the same time very confident about the final result.”

“In 2023, almost half of our production forces were focused on the currently loudest project in the industry – Silent Hill 2, which we are creating together with our partner, Konami,” the team added in the annual report, as translated by Google Translate.

“It is one of the most recognisable brands in the gaming world, and definitely a key one when it comes to the horror genre. We make every effort to provide the best possible emotions – both to those who played the original over 20 years ago, and to those for whom this will be their first approach to the famous series.

“This will also be the first title in which we depart from the so-called ‘environmental storytelling’, and in the foreground, we put the action through which we will tell the story,” the report adds.

Earlier this month, we reported that Bloober Team has seemingly amended the face of James Sunderland in its highly-anticipated Silent Hill 2 Remake. The switch came to light via an updated icon on SteamDB, leading some fans to speculate that the studio revised James’ face in response to community feedback.

Silent Hill 2 – one of gaming’s worst-kept secrets before it was formally revealed back in October 2022 – was recently rated in Korea.

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