Silent Hill: Ascension underestimates the rowdiness of stream chat, who—given the wheel—crashed the whole thing into a ditch so fast they had to turn it off

Silent Hill: Ascension is many things. It’s an episodic drama. It lets you vote on outcomes, but only if you have a season pass. It is, technically, a new Silent Hill entry. In summary, it’s Twitch plays Bandersnatch, but make it videogames. It’s already not doing great.

When I first heard about this… thing, back in July, I wrote: “If Silent Hill: Ascension winds up holding a dark mirror to the internet, it’ll be an effective piece of horror in its own way.” That was in reference to the idea that people would be playing judge and jury on characters with complex emotional trauma. I gave a lot of thought to the implications there.

Here’s an actual, real emote you can buy via the Season Pass, courtesy of Twitter user SmoughTown.

(Image credit: @SmoughTown on Twitter/X)

I am beginning to believe I was thinking too hard about this thing. 

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