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SILENT HILL: The Short Message passes 2 million downloads

SILENT HILL: The Short Message released at the tail end of January as a free horror experience not too dissimilar to Hideo Kojima’s now-iconic PT. While reception surrounding the short experience is nowhere near the level of Kojima’s PT, fans have been generally receptive to the title – having now surpassed 2 million downloads.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Japanese Silent Hill page revealed that since its release on the 31st of January, SILENT HILL: The Short Message has surpassed 2 million downloads.

Like with PT, The Short Message is exclusive to PlayStation (PS5 in this case), and so while the barrier to entry is incredibly low – being a free experience – its success is nonetheless notable.

After the cancellation of PT almost a decade ago now, the Silent Hill franchise went…silent, with no new entries to speak of. This is finally changing with the likes of Silent Hill: Ascension and the aforementioned Short Message – as well as multiple future SH titles currently in development.

While The Short Message (and Ascension in particular) have failed to live up to the franchise’s legacy, at least they are trying – and seeing some success with it.

KitGuru says: What did you think of The Short Message? How does it compare to PT? Do you have hope for Silent Hill’s future? Let us know down below.

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