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Sims 4 Snowy Escape DLC is out now

A slopes getaway isn’t in the cards this winter but hey, The Sims 4‘s new expansion Snowy Escape is out today to virtually cart you off to the mountains. The new expansion pack adds a new world with three neighborhoods, Lifestyles and Sentiments systems, and a lot of new building objects and clothing choices.

Alice Bee took the new expansion for a spin in her Snowy Escape preview and spent time digging into the new Sentiments system that has Sims actually remember events in their relationships with others. Her Sim named Glen somehow ended up in an argument with a child, who then apparently developed a “festering grudge” against him. Seems like Glen deserved it though.

“This is clearly the first step on a road to destruction,” she says. “We have been doing terrible, no good, awful things to Sims for years. For literal decades, we have been torturing them. And now you give them the capacity to remember wrongs visited upon them? Oh no, Maxis, what have you done?” Here are some other things she did in Snowy Escape.

Personally, I’m almost exclusively a build and buy mode player. Skiing looks nice and all but I really just want to tinker with the new windows and doors and little house plants and all. Meticulous little dioramas that no Sim shall ever inhabit. That’s my jam. As with other expansions, you can take a peep at all the items and styles in the pack on the Origin store.

You can find the Snowy Escape DLC on the Origin Store and Steam for £35/€40/$40.

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