Sinnoh and Hisui Pokémon AR Showcase

To celebrate the end of a season focused around the Sinnoh region, and introducing many Pokémon from the Hisuian region, an AR showcase focused on those two regions seemed appropriate!

Unedited Images
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The below AR images have not been edited in any way.

‘Springtime Aromas’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘On Kleavor Raid Day, I encountered a Shiny Kleavor in a beautiful clearing. As I set up my AR photo, I wanted Kleavor to serve as a divider of sorts between the green leaves on its left and the reds and oranges on its right. I love this picture because it contrasts so much with the typical attack stances Kleavor normally takes: Kleavor’s eyes are closed and it’s standing upright, almost as if it’s smelling the trees around it. To contribute to the overall verticality of of the scene, I cropped the picture to be narrower.’

‘looking happy and having fun.’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘looking happy and having fun.

Chaerim spins around and smiles

It makes me smile.

Everyone and the cherry blossoms are excited.’

‘Holy Ground’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘a sacred place where a god or the Buddha is enshrined’

‘Rōnin of the Pines’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘For years, I’d driven past a series of trails in my hometown, but had never actually walked them. During a recent visit to see my parents, I had an afternoon to myself and decided to finally explore those trails. The colors of the hillside reminded me of Shiny Hisuian Decidueye, so when I found an appropriate spot, I took this AR photo. I wanted to make Decidueye really pop, so I used the Bokehmon technique to help focus the camera on my Pokémon!’

‘Rice Terraces’ by Feresk, Bali, Indonesia.

‘What a joy it is to experience different cultures and historic places!’

‘Elliott’s Hollow’ by Embravery, Indiana, United States.

‘Elliott has a special place in the woods where he likes to hide. It’s peaceful and sunny, and so deep in the brush that no one will find him. Some say that the wildest rose is the most beautiful.’

‘Mismagius’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Mismagius is a purple, ghost-like Pokémon. It has a round head with elaborate tufts resembling a witch’s hat atop it. The tips of the tufts are paler than most of the body.’

‘Can’t Wait For Spring’ by Walker, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Pinky Pachirisu is looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom.’

‘Lord of the Tundra’ by Laprasrules12, Orogen, USA.

‘Deep in the Alabaster Icelands in the region of Hisui, lies a guardian the size of houses who protects the area. Whenever it is angered however, it will rise from it’s slumber to bring demise to anyone who angers it.’

‘Serious Sliding’ by PoGO Glória Eldorado, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

‘Sliding is a serious thing for my Buizel. No matter what I say, he does his best every time. Well… I can’t judge him, sometimes I act the same way playing games.’

‘Chatot on the stepping stones’ by Mark, Nottingham, England.

‘No sparkles around this bird, but I love it’s musical style and it sounded great sat by the water on the stepping stones. Might be awhile before I see these in the wild again so worth a snap!’

‘What does the rain taste like today?’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘What does the rain taste like today?

Because the flowers are happy.

I wonder if it’s sweet.’

‘What A Feeling💃’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Wow, this is so nostalgic! I haven’t seen this in such a long time.’

‘Ruin of Origins’ by Embravery, Indiana, United States.

‘The ruins give Giratina the power to revert back into its origin form. This is the one place where it can truly feel liberated from the Distortion World. Only fools would disturb its freedom.’

‘Magnetic Underworld Runaround’ by RockmanEX3, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

‘When escaping from the underworld through the basement campus maze as part of the 2024 MIT Mystery Hunt, it is surely handy to have the analytic ability!’

‘Japanese Style’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Wagasa(和傘) is a Japanese umbrella made of Japanese paper stretched over bamboo and soaked in vegetable oil.’

‘Selfie’ by Walker, Tokyo, Japan.

‘When I went to the Van Gogh exhibition, I saw Typhlosion taking a selfie.’

‘The Great Marsh’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘The wetlands in my hometown reminded me of the Great Marsh from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Naturally, I needed to take an AR photo of one of the most iconic Pokémon from that area! To make the photo more dynamic and visually interesting, I made sure to include an out-of-focus plant in the foreground.’

‘Growlithe at Highfields’ by Mark, Nottingham, England.

‘Hisuian Growlithe finally shined for me recently with the Go Tour Sinnoh, and it felt appropriate to sit by the Ningbo-Nottingham statues at the park, not a perfect match but fun to see together’

‘You look beautiful.’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Hydrangeas look good on you’

‘White-Striped Basculin swims in the river’ by pokemoninlife, National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan.

‘During the GO Tour: Sinnoh, I got the chance to meet White-Striped Basculin in person. It looks so different from Red- and Blue-Striped Basculin. I must train it well, and look forward to evolve it into Basculegion.’

‘Den of Lost Souls’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘The empty parking garage that I passed by on my walk home one night was incredibly eerie with a series of odd blue lights at the entrance. The scene was the perfect backdrop for AR photos of ghost Pokémon! Shiny Spiritomb’s blue color matched the background incredibly well, and its sinister expression felt perfect for the location.’

‘Lots of treats!’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Lots of treats! “yay!” Munchlax is overjoyed.’

‘Happiny’s Alphabet’ by Embravery, Indiana, United States.

‘Happiny loves to play and learn! She found this path with all the letters on it, so now she’s learning all the letters by jumping on each one! She had a lot of fun at her day at the park.’

‘Yanmega’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Yanmega is a large, dark green dragonfly Pokémon.’

‘Gentle scent’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Take a deep breath and be healed by the scent of flowers.’

‘Gratitude and Grace’ by mingosanch, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

‘After several weeks of patiently waiting, I finally completed the Masterwork Research from Los Angeles! During a walk around the Boston Seaport, I came across a beautiful little park that seemed like the perfect place to encounter Shaymin. This AR photo was my way of commemorating that encounter!’

Edited Images
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The below AR images have been edited or filtered in some way.

‘In the playgrounds’ by Sogeflo, Craon, Mayenne.

‘Look at this little boy enjoying the playground.’

‘Deadlock’ by Feresk, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

‘Tell me, what do you do when you find yourself in the chaos realm making eye contact with its ruler?’

‘The Ruler of Time, Dialga’ by Kawsar Oras, Mymensingh Bangladesh, Asia Pacific region.

‘It’s is said that the time started flowing when Dialga was born . The sunset indicates the end of the time of a busy day and start of a peaceful night . Majestic Dialga watching the sun going down and it’s beautiful sight brought peace even to the mighty ruler of Time itself.’

‘Cheery Chatot’ by Pokémon ARtographer, Pukalani, HI.

‘Found this pretty birdie in the park today. It came by to say hello and was just so friendly!’

‘Pinky Skies’ by Sogeflo, Laval, France.

‘Cresselia stands before a magnificent sunset, painting the sky in delicate shades of pink.’

‘Sharp Shoot’ by PoGO Glória Eldorado, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

‘Capturing Hisuian Decidueye`s arrow in midair needs a combination of timing and lucky! I took about 100 photos until I finally got this one.’

‘In the winter forest’ by Walker, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Chimchar wearing a Sinnoh hut is jumping from a tree to another.’

‘Blossoms’ by Sogeflo, Laval, France.

‘Dancing in the blossoms’

‘Fiery Infernape’ by Superdrogon1, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

‘Infernape is not happy with its trainer and Roars back trying to attack its trainer. ‘

‘The Being of Knowledge’ by phrixu, Kent, UK.

‘My first main line game was Pearl and I absolutely adore the lake trio! Now spring is rolling around the yellow bloom seemed like a perfect backdrop for some photography 💛’

‘One shot, one spirit’ by Walker, Shizuoka, Japan.

‘Hisuian decidueye is waiting for a chance to finish off the target while hiding himself.’

‘Shadow Honcho’ by Superdrogon1, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

‘Team Rocket let go of Shadow Honchkrow. The Pokemon is roaming the skies with filled anger’

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The below images are composites/full edits, made using a combination AR, existing images, and extensive editing.

‘The Gates of Hell’ by CaneroTheGreat, House of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania.

‘As a mortal soul leaves the realms of the living it has to pass by Giratina, the shepherd of the dead, who will help it pass onto immortality.’

‘Cresselia at Sunset’ by Dancnbutterfly, Maryland, USA.

‘Two men fishing on a pier were astonished by the appearance of a giant shiny Cresselia. The Cresselia was luminous and friendly, however the Cresselia frightened the other fish away, so the fishermen were not successful in getting their dinner.’

By Musetta (@didiaxew), England, UK.

‘Shiny Gible Family soaking up the sun in the run-up to summer!’

‘Cute Buneary’s wallpaper.’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Photographed and composed using AR on Buneary’s Day.

Each Pokemon is individually photographed using AR, and produced.

No processing has been added to the Pokemon’s expressions.’

AR Masters
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The below images are taken by our AR Masters.

‘Enamorus’ by Pokegramstm, Wimbledon Park, UK.

‘I saw some dramatic clouds in the sky while in the park and knew the perfect cloudy Pokemon to snap to fit into this scene’

‘Camouflage’ by kittypokemonsalot, Leeds, UK.

‘When I saw these pink leaves that had pink tips I immediately thought of Shaymin, they were the perfect camouflage for her to hide in!’

Next Submission Theme
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The theme for our April showcase is…. Spring! In the Northern Hemisphere Spring is finally here, so it is time for our annual spring theme. Submit here by 25th April to be considered.

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