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Skateboarding and fishing game Skate Fish will launch on mobile in March

Catch fish by impressing them with your sick skateboard moves.

  • Skate Fishes launches on mobile on March 28, 2024
  • Impress fish with your skateboarding moves
  • The game features finger-deck-inspired two-finger touch controls

Sudden Event Studios and Whitethorn Games have announced that the upcoming mobile game Skate Fish will launch on March 28th. Skate Fish is a skateboarding and fishing game in which you must impress your catch to get them on the hook.

In Skate Fish, you can customize your character, skateboard and fishing rod to suit your unique tastes. You’ll also ride your board across chill environments, each featuring its own species of fish to nab and obstacles to avoid.

The game takes advantage of nostalgic finger-deck two-finger touch controls. Using the two-finger touch controls, you will grind ledges and perform flips and other cool aerial tricks to become a Skate fishing legend. As you skate, you’ll catch tons of bass, trout, carp and other species of fish in support of wildlife preservation efforts. You’ll also meet other fishers, build relationships with them and get hot fishing tips.

In addition to announcing the official release date, Whitethorn Games has also released a new trailer for the part skateboarding, part fishing game. The roughly 30-second trailer shows off Skate Fish’s gameplay and unique control system. In addition to skateboarding and fishing gameplay, Skate Fish also promises to include various accessibility features, including tutorials and separate adjusted audio channels for ambient sound and sound effects.

Whitethorn Games is based in Eerie, Pennsylvania and focuses on creating inclusive, accessible and low-stress gaming experiences. The studio has previously published titles such as crafting adventure game Wytchwood, match-3 title Princess Farmer and cat cafe sim game Calico.

Skate Fish will be available to download via Google Play and the App Store on March 28th. For more information and to keep up with all the latest Skate Fish news, check out Whitethorn Games’ website. You can also stay up to date by following Whitethorn games on Instagram, Facebook, Discord, YouTubeTwitch, TikTok and X (Twitter).

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