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Skull and Bones – Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer | PS5 Games

Skull and Bones will be released on February 16th, 2024!
Pre-order available now.
Play up to 3 days early with the Premium Edition.

Dive into the perilous world of Skull and Bones. In this overview of Skull and Bones’ gameplay experience, we’ll walk you through its world, its
player progression, gameplay systems, and its challenging naval combat!

00:50 Surviving the odds
02:01 Begin your pirate journey
03:34 Select your prey
06:44 Kingdoms & Kingpins
08:10 Rule the seas
09:44 Seize the opportunity

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Rated Mature


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1 month ago

Have other ship aboard your vessel and have a crew combat. It would be a great addition, but just ship shootings would seem to get stale after awhile

1 month ago

So Black Flag with half the game missing

1 month ago

Can’t wait to play this😎✨

1 month ago

Wait, so you're on a boat the entire game? There's no real gameplay off it? Well, there goes any hype I had for this game

1 month ago


1 month ago

THey are really afraid to show their crappy UI XD

1 month ago

This will flop if it isn't like Black Flag. You need to be able to have melee and boarding boats. Can't just be a cinimatic.

1 month ago

So we cant even get out of our ship anytime seamlessly ? even to land and go to island its a black loading screen

1 month ago

Man I wished they stuck with the old concept of match based pvp with 5v5 of various ships with their pros and cons. Looting salvage or boarding to earn points to winning the match and having to flee the pirate hunters that come… now its another open world rpg sure to get old fast.

1 month ago

All they had to do was make Black Flag 2

1 month ago

Looking forward to it I just got my invite to participate in the beta on PS5.🥂😎

1 month ago

Should have just made a One Piece game

1 month ago

Why is like every pirate black?

1 month ago

developement 2 long and already outdated

1 month ago


1 month ago

So its basically sea of thieves for playstation users

1 month ago

Yeah I dunno with out sword fights and stuff it's kind of just a really slow FPS ya know. I'll try it when it's super cheap though because I do like pirates lol

1 month ago

Game looks great, if they had hand to hand then it would be complete

1 month ago

sea of thieves

1 month ago

Маған Ұнайды Керемет Тамаша

1 month ago

Another ubisoft's flop game

1 month ago

Столько делать игру, а топорную анимацию так и оставили. 🤦

1 month ago

I am gonna be king of the pirates

1 month ago

Why are almost all pirates black or female? Is Ubisoft telling us that they are more into criminal activities than white men? 🤔

1 month ago

Я уже знаю как назову свою лодку Беда 😂

1 month ago

We all see this will Flop… Why cause we can't raid ships. Please being Online Only

1 month ago

I’m sorry but I just can’t see what this is doing differently/better than Black Flag after this long

1 month ago

what is the name of the song at 6:30?

1 month ago

This game is pointless. It was nice in small doses in ac black flag. But playing hours just the ship battles must be very boring

1 month ago

This game gets a lot of hate because it's not going to be like AC black flag. But it was never going to be. This game is for the naval only fans, and was allays supposed to be. So if this ain't your game, then what are you doing here?

1 month ago