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Skull and Bones Launch Trailer Is Finally Here

One more look at Ubisoft’s pirate game.


Here are what some viewers had to say about the launch trailer.

Skull and Bones took so long to come out, half the people who were WAITING for it are just skulls and bones now.

stanley13579 – YouTube Comment

Choosing a techno music for your game about pirate ships is sure a choice.

onlymyself1234 – YouTube Comment

This makes it look like you can explore and walk around on foot, which you in fact barely can. This is world of tanks…. but on a ship .

skillage18 – YouTube Comment

Original Story…

Skull and Bones has been a game we’ve had a hard time getting into the marketplace. Ubisoft had been working on this game for ages, and it completely missed out on the console generation that the title was initially slated to release on. But now, after the series of delays, we’re inching our way to the official launch date of Skull and Bones. To help hype up its release, the development team has opted to showcase the game one more time with the launch trailer. Check out the latest footage for the game in the video we have embedded below. 

Ubisoft has been working hard to get this piracy game into the marketplace. It was first a project in development in 2013, and the developers had intended to see this become an expansion for the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag game. But then it evolved into its own standalone gameplay experience where the public was able to get a glimpse of the title through the Ubisoft press conference at E3 2017. At the time, it was a game developed for last-generation platforms, but as you all likely know, Ubisoft could not get this game into the marketplace. 

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Several delays had finally pushed the game out of last-generation platforms altogether. Instead, the game is now aimed at the current generation platforms and will be made available later this month. The game is centered around being a pirate during the golden age of piracy within the Indian Ocean. You’ll create a crew, build up your ship, and seek out precious loot to acquire. While you can enjoy this game as a solo experience, multiplayer is also involved, where groups of five players can gather together and wage war on other players.

Fortunately, there are plans to keep this game going after you finish the solo campaign or want a little more adventure to go through with friends. The developers have charted out a roadmap for the first year of this game. You’ll have new enemies popping up on the high seas, world events, and other seasonal goods released to keep you logging back into the game regularly. Again, we don’t have long to wait before Ubisoft launches Skull and Bones. The game is slated to release on February 16, 2024. When this title launches into the marketplace, you’ll find it available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. 

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