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Skull and Bones Sea People Relic Location (Treasure Map)

Like any good pirate game should, Skull and Bones has treasure maps that you can accept from certain NPCs. These maps may be tricky, especially for those heading into the pirate genre for the first time. Here’s how to find the Sea People Relic in Skull and Bones.

Deciphering the Relics of the Past treasure map in Skull and Bones

This treasure is part of the Relics of the Past quest that can be accepted from a Sea People NPC in the outpost of Vorona Falls, a small settlement just opposite Sainte-Anne. You will be told to recover a lost relic from an old Sea People settlement, one that now is occupied by Fara.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll receive the map in your Cargo, which can be accessed from game menu or when disembarked at a outpost. Click on the map and use it to unfurl it, which will give you the name of the location as well as a picture.

You’ll be told that the relic is in Fort Louis in Tenina Coast in the Red Isle. If you open the map up and look south, you’ll find Tenina Coast, and Fort Louis will appear as an undiscovered location. Charter a course and head down.

Fort Louis Skull And Bones
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll be travelling for a few minutes before you reach Fort Louis.

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Finding the Sea People Relic in Skull and Bones

Once at Fort Louis in Skull and Bones, finding the Sea People relic is actually super easy. Head a few paces forward and take the very left turn you see, with the wooden wreck. An orange pillar will light up when you get close, and you’ll be able to dig there.

Digging In Skull And Bones
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With the Sea People relic safely in your inventory, you’ve now got to transport it to Palisade Bay, a Sea People settlement some ways north from Fort Louis. To easily find it, keep following the trade routes from Tenina Town and you’ll soon find it.

Upon arriving at Palisade Bay, interact with the settlement. Below “Buy and Sell” should be the option to turn in the Relics of the Past quest, where you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Now that you know what to do with the Relics of the Past quest in Skull and Bones, why not check out how to get a crowbar?

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