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Sky: Children of the Light finally comes to Steam next month

Since 2019, ThatGameCompany of ‘Flower’ and ‘Journey’ fame have been working on supporting Sky: Children of the Light: a free-to-play co-op focused casual MMO with beautiful visuals and a haunting world. Launching first on mobile devices back in 2019, the game has slowly found its way onto other platforms – with it finally coming to Steam next month.

Making the announcement on their blog, ThatGameCompany said “First was mobile, then came consoles—and now Sky prepares to take flight on PC! On April 10th, the Sky: Children of the Light experience arrives to PC players on Steam for Early Access, and there’s going to be something that all players can celebrate.”

With the game currently only available on last-gen consoles and mobile devices, the PC release for Sky represents an opportunity for ThatGameCompany to take advantage of Steam’s features including “integrating Steam friends, Steam achievements, and support for Remote Play” as well as “the chance to keep enhancing game graphics with HDR and VRR support.”

Sky: Children of the Light has seen a good deal of success since its release, but the game’s staggered nature has hammered its discourse somewhat. Hopefully the game’s Steam release represents Sky’s true introduction to the greater gaming landscape.

KitGuru says: Have you played Sky? Were you waiting for a PC release? What do you think of the creative direction ThatGameCompany has taken? Let us know down below.

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