Skyrim mod lets you pay your respects to fallen friends and enemies

Corpses in Skyrim can be an awkward thing. They hang around for a while, and some of them don’t disappear at all. Sure, you can do the old fast-travel-and-wait trick, but it’s not very polite. Of all the death rituals across all cultures, ‘wait for the body to despawn from the worldstate’ isn’t one of the more involved ones. Which is perhaps why someone has made a Pay Your Respects for Skyrim, to let you bury and say goodbye to the fallen.

On burying your pal—or murder victim—you can choose to create a grave for them, showing their name, the date of the burial, and an engraving. “You can choose to have a preset engraving, but you can also write your own,” notes the mod description. I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking of those go-to joke tombstones: “I told you I was sick.” 

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