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Smash Legends’ Grand Renewal update completely rebuilds the game with new features, rewards, and much more

5Minlab’s Smash Legends has been smashingly successful with over 5.5 million downloads worldwide. However, with 5Minlab’s recent acquisition by Krafton, big changes are coming to Smash Legends as it is receiving a complete overhaul. This Grand Renewal will make some big changes to the popular PvP action game, bringing in new systems, season trials, a battle pass, and so much more.

The clock resets and we once again begin with the Smash Pass Chapter One. It will include Zepeto, Smash Legends’ 25th Legend. Zepeto can be obtained through the Smash Pass, which will also feature new sports-themed skins for characters like Peter, Cindy, and Kaiser, and numerous other rewards. Purchasing Legends always carries the risk of it not ending up fitting your playstyle. The new trial mode allows players to try out a select roster of Legends for free on a seasonal basis. Players will have a total of eight weeks to use the character and all progress they make will be saved. Once the period ends, a new set of Legends will replace the old ones.

A massive game like Smash Legends can’t be curated according to everyone’s needs, however, 5Minlab has tried to make it as user-friendly as possible. The Grand Renewal builds further upon this by reorganizing loads of the game’s systems to make it less complex for newer users. With this overhaul, players will be able to obtain Legends via in-game credits or gems, as opposed to it happening randomly.

The new Legend Growth system will introduce Legend mastery points, ability acquisition, and experience points that will make upgrading these heroes a much more fun process. To top it all off, a new competitive mode is also being added. This will up the ante and feed players hungry for some competition. The Competitive Match Mode should go live on April 12th.

Excited by all these changes? Then, download Smash Legends for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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