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Sonic Team Open To More Characters From Comic Series Appearing In Games

“The writer for the ‘Shadow Generations’ content is the same writer from Sonic Frontiers. I’m sure you know him, Ian Flynn. He did the writing for Shadow Generations and the new storyline. He asked the exact same question of [me]! Like, ‘how did they get out?’ Because he wanted to write in some more story, [wanted] to tell the story, but we couldn’t get into changing it. Sonic Generations ends with that ending, and so we want to leave it up to everyone’s imagination and guess how Eggman—the Eggmans—got out of White Space.”
Man if there’s anything that sums up what Flynn’s impact is now it’s this, he’s obsessed with fixing things kinda like Dave Filoni. He can make some pretty obnoxious retcons in Shadow Generations too unless he’s kept on a short leash.

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