Sons Of The Forest 1.0 adds a new ending, proximity chat, creative mode, and Artifact answers

Sons Of The Forest launches out of early access and into 1.0 today, bringing with it a whole host of tweaks and improvements. Most notably, there’s a new ending, new mutants, new points of interest, proximity chat, a creative mode, and new uses for the game’s mysterious artifacts. The rest of the changelog is an exhausting list of bullet points with the occasional hidden gem, like the introduction of raccoons and golf cart radio stations to give your drives some added pizazz.

Alongside a new ending, the big bad of the main story Jianyu is now voice acted, and there’s a few extra cutscenes sprinkled in. As for more big bads, you’ll also encounter two new mutants affectionately known as “Legsy” and “Holey”, who I’m sure will be just as friendly as their names suggest.

In the early access version of the game, you could find pieces of the aforesaid artifact but couldn’t actually complete it. With 1.0, now you can! There are “2 final artifact pieces”, and the patch notes say, “You can now *(Spoiler)* or create a *(Spoiler)* with the combined artifact”.

New points of interest include tunnels dug by excavators, Jianyu camps, 14 new mini caves and cellars. And dead lads with GPS locators or dying soldiers with red flares may guide you to these cool new spots.

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In what I think could be a real treat, proximity chat has been added so you can chat with your pals in-game and hear their cries for help fade as they’re dragged away by a horrid cannibal. If you’d rather not deal with the stress, a new creative mode lets you toy around without a leash once you’ve finished the main game.

To round off the highlights, there are now raccoons who’ll you’ll find clambering trees and generally being cute lil’ guys. Golf carts also have radios, but what’s even better is the introduction of new paths to make your carting expeditions a bit easier.

You can find the entire list of changes over on their Steam patch notes page. And if you’re keen to get started with Sons Of The Forest, I’d recommend looking into our extensive range of guides.

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