Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Rope Gun

Before you can get the vital shovel in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to know how to get the Rope Gun. The Rope Gun will let you use zip lines, which is essential to get the Shovel since you’ll need to enter the cavern using it. The cave is dark, so you might want to get the flashlight beforehand.

How to Get the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

If your game has the forest helicopter crash site instead of the beach, then you won’t have far to travel to get to the Rope Gun’s cave. Below is a picture of the map with the cave entrance circled.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll have to break the boards in front of the entrance using a weapon. Then, you’ll head into the cave. The first major cavern you come across has mutants in it, and if you don’t have armor, you’ll be able to harvest Creepy Armor from them.

If you go straight, you’ll be able to pick up a cross. But to get to the Rope Gun, you’ll want to head to the left side of the cavern from where you entered. The two corpses there will have Tech Bombs on the ground nearby.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll want to use one on the monster in the wall next to them.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

From here, the cave has one path to follow as any portions that seem to deviate away have a dead end. It’s a long route, but you’ll eventually come to a cliff where the Rope Gun is sitting.

From here, you’ll be able to use the Rope Gun with the primary action button (LMB/RT by default) on the nearby rope in order to reach the exit of the cave.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Now, you know how to get the Rope Gun and can move onto getting the Shovel, which you’ll need to beat Sons of the Forest. For more help on your survival journey, we have other Sons of the Forest guides like how to befriend Virginia who can aid you or how to get the Stun Baton.

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