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There are a lot of elements to keep track of in Soulstice‘s fast-paced combat, especially considering you’re controlling two characters at once. One of the easier mechanics to overlook is the enemy’s Poise gauge, something important to keep in mind if you’re looking to keep lengthy combos going. The thing is, it can be a little convoluted because it doesn’t appear for every enemy. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Poise in Soulstice and how to get more launch attacks for your repertoire and execute them.

Poise Explained

Only big enemies have a Poise gauge in Soulstice; you don’t have to worry about the mechanic when it comes to smaller mobs.

Large enemies have a Poise gauge that fills as you cause damage. Once the meter is full, you’ll be able to use a launching attack to send them flying into the air, opening them up to even more combos and damage.

As shown in the screenshot above, the larger silver gauge is an enemy’s HP bar. Poise is the smaller tan gauge below the silver health gauge. Remember that you must constantly attack to raise the poise gauge, as it will decrease if you aren’t hitting an enemy.

While your best bet is to simply watch the meter fill up, you’ll also know when an enemy’s Poise is full as they’ll have a stagger animation that sees them stumbling. Each enemy type has a different stagger animation, so between that and the gauge you should have no problem watching Poise.

How to Get Launch Abilities

Launching abilities must be purchased from the upgrade menu in Layton’s shop before they can be used. Once you have them, press A+X on Xbox or X+Square on PlayStation to launch an enemy once their Poise meter fills. Smaller, more basic enemies can be launched at any time. 

That’s everything you need to know about how Poise works in Soulstice. Check back with GameSkinny for even more tips and help by heading to our guides hub

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