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South of Midnight – Gameplay Reveal – Xbox Games Showcase 2024

South of Midnight is a new third person action-adventure from Compulsion Games.

When a hurricane rips through Prospero, Hazel is pulled into a Southern Gothic world where reality and fantasy are interwoven, and ancient creatures from folklore emerge.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series XIS, Steam, Windows PC in 2025!




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1 day ago

Looks and sounds amazing

1 day ago




1 day ago

Music was amazing!

1 day ago

Because everyone has been clamoring for choppy game play, GIVE ME THAT LAAAAAAG. Eyes couldn't handle that for more than 2 minutes.

1 day ago

Verrrryyyyyy interesting. added to my wishlist

1 day ago

this goes so hard, the music, the animation, the world building…chefs kiss

1 day ago

This looks amazing .. i hope it isn't full of "the message"

1 day ago

Reminds me of the type of stuff that Manly Made Wellman wrote back in the day (especially his Silver John stories). I'm a Southerner by birth (Georgia, specifically), and I am absolutely loving this.

1 day ago

sweet baby slop

1 day ago

Definitely buying this on Steam since I don’t own an XBOX. 😮

1 day ago

I was waiting for the fish start singin´

1 day ago

Will it have an option to make it not look stop motion? It makes my head hurt.

1 day ago

I love the combat

1 day ago

hermoso unico espero este juego

1 day ago

Way better than i was expecting, i seriously hope this turns out good.

1 day ago

God yes

1 day ago

This looks awesome!

1 day ago

like kena bridge of spirrits

1 day ago

Man this looks fresh and fun. Love the stop motion look. This looks fun.

1 day ago

not rlly feeling the black ghetto vibe to it. ill pass

1 day ago

Woke slop

1 day ago

Looks interesting

1 day ago

Perfect🤗 🌟💗

1 day ago

Main character looks 😍

1 day ago


1 day ago

It's a "meh" for me, environments look nice but that's all 😑

1 day ago


1 day ago

3:28 Choo-choo Charles!

1 day ago

Больно смотреть на низкий фпс

1 day ago

well, at least we all know when they are all being fired. They can have their stuff packed 1 week after release and move back in with their parents. Didn't think activist pretending to be devs were such good comedians.

1 day ago

Love the style