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South of Midnight Gameplay Trailer | Xbox Games Showcase 2024

With a giant talking fish and a bayou, plus animation that looks somewhat stop-motion, South of Midnight isn’t lacking in style. South of Midnight is a 3rd person action game that sees you fighting large gator-like monsters with a platforming element to its exploration. South of Midnight is set to release 2025.


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23 hours ago

Every game this year seems to have the exact same art style, and I hate it.

23 hours ago

I like this!

23 hours ago

Looks amazing, and what a fantastic title.

23 hours ago

why trailer is lagging?

23 hours ago

This look cool

23 hours ago

Main protagonist was white before SBI "consultants" changed it.

23 hours ago

This looks so bad

23 hours ago

Im a simple man. I see magic, im in.

23 hours ago

SBI detected game, no buy