Splatoon 3: How to Super Jump

Pulling off a super jump in Splatoon 3 can turn the tide of battle – for better or for worse, depending on how well you time your jump. The move launches you across the map to a position near one of your teammates, and while that may sound like a brilliant way to cover ground quickly, super jumps come with some caveats. Without the right ability, you could be flying right into a trap.

How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3


You can perform a super jump in Splatoon 3 at any time, except when you get splatted (obviously) and when you’re in the process of respawning at the start point. To use a super jump:

  • Open the map by pressing “X”.
  • Use one of the direction pad buttons corresponding to the teammate you want to jump to – “Up,” “Left,” or “Right.” The “Down” direction has no use here.

And that’s all you have to do. Super jumps in Splatoon 3 take a few seconds to pull off, so factor that into your timing.

Pay attention to the map as well. When you super jump, a ring in your team’s color and your player name show up in the intended spot. These essentially act as a giant neon sign telling enemies to greet you on arrival with a few well-aimed blasts of ink.

If both teams are contesting an area, the better choice is jumping further away and approaching from a strategic angle. Alternatively, risks may pay off sometimes. Joining a teammate at the enemy base can help distract foes or maybe even let you get the drop on them and buy some time to push further into enemy territory.

In short, just think before you leap – unless you have the right clothes on.

Some equipment may come with the “Stealth Jump” ability, which lets you super jump without the telltale ring showing up. This masking effect makes it one of the more useful abilities, so keep an eye out the next time you go clothes shopping.

That’s all you need to know about how to super jump in Splatoon 3, but make sure to check out our other Splatoon 3 guides for more tips and tricks, including the best gear abilities and how to get more Sheldon Licenses to build out your arsenal.

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