SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake — Where to Find Spot’s Hiding Spot in Each World

The largest side mission in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is given to you by the smallest character. When visiting Bikini Bottom later in the game, after rescuing Plankton, the little villain will give you a quest to track down his lost pet Spot. Here’s where to find Spot in each area.

Where to Find Spot’s Hiding Spot in Each World

The pet has miraculously been lost in each one of the game’s 7 worlds. You are going to have to revisit each one to find Spot’s hiding spot. Here is where you can find him in each world. 

Spot’s Hiding Location — Wild West Jellyfish Fields

When you get to the Cacteen Hills, go to the right-hand side of the area around the lake in the middle. Spot is on top of the ledge next to a cow bone. You’ll have to use the bounce pad on the other side to get to the ridge above Spot’s location before dropping down. 

Spot’s Hiding Location — Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom

This world’s Spot can be found in the backlot area where there are tables and the director’s trailer. Use the boxes in the corner to get on the trailer next to the director’s trailer. Jump to this trailer (it’s blue), and then you’ll have to use your bubble wand to create an inflatable platform. Jump to it and wait for the floating platform. Jump to that and then over to find Spot as the reward for traversing the gauntlet.

Spot’s Hiding Location — Pirate Goo Lagoon 

You’ll find the next Spot location in the shipwreck section of Pirate Goo Lagoon. Go to the middle ship that rocks as you shift your weight. Look to the right, near the front of the ship, and you’ll see a cage housing a bubble board. Use the bubble board to get over to a floating island where Spot is waiting to be rescued. 

Spot’s Hiding Location — Halloween Rock Bottom 

This world introduces SpongeBob to the concept of stealth. During the first stealth section, you’ll be taught how to avoid enemies (you’ll have to avoid two of them) before crossing conveyor belts. Then you’ll do another section teaching you how to fight these enemies by surprising them from behind.

You’ve been here before, so you won’t be given a tutorial the second time around. Just remember that Spot is found after the second stealth section. The life preserver bounce pad at the end of this area leads to Spot. 

Spot’s Hiding Location — Prehistoric Kelp Field 

When you enter the checkpoint in the area with the cave painting sliding puzzle, turn around. Spot is just sitting behind you, but he is easy to miss if you just keep going forward. 

Spot’s Hiding Location — Medieval Sulfur Field

In the Meanderson section, look for an inflatable platform. Use your bubble wand to inflate the platform and cross to a bubble surfboard.  Then you can bubble wand another platform to make it over to where Spot is hiding on a wooden platform.

Spot’s Hiding Location — Jelly Glove World

In the second amusement park section of Jelly Glove World, Spot is hiding under the marquee at Glove World Theater.

After finding all of Spot’s hiding locations, you just have to return to Bikini Bottom and talk to Plankton. He will reward you with a Gold Coin. If you want to know where to find more of the Gold Coins scattered throughout the worlds of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, stop by Gameskinny’s guide hub

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