Square Enix is making a new strategy RPG, but it’s not Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Battle

How many tactics RPGs is too many tactics RPGs? I’m not sure there actually is such a number, but after years of letting the Final Fantasy Tactics series lie fallow, Square Enix seems to have rediscovered that people really like these sorts of games. It just released one named Triangle Strategy for the Nintendo Switch and debuted another during a PlayStation State of Play event on Wednesday: The DioField Chronicle, out later this year. A trailer on Square Enix’s official YouTube channel confirms it’s coming to Steam.

Unlike the “HD-2D” style of Triangle Strategy, The DioField Chronicle is a fully 3D strategy game with a fantasy aesthetic that feels very Tactics Ogre at first, which is generally a more grounded series than Final Fantasy. But no, it’s its own thing, and the combat system looks quite different from the usual square grid of turn-based tactics games. The DioField Chronicle doesn’t have a grid and looks like it uses real-time-with-pause for giving orders to your troops.

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