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Star Wars Outlaws – Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2024 | Reaction!

Star Wars Outlaws – Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2024 | Reaction!
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1 month ago

That alien impression was fucking spot on ???

1 month ago

I think it looks epic

1 month ago

“This doesn’t work for me, brother.”
-Hulk Hogan (telling the truth for a change)

1 month ago

Not keen on the character. Would of preferred playing as a twi lek. Bored of humans . Give the aliens more screen time

1 month ago

Watchdogs anyone?

1 month ago

Dude they still on this forced feminism thrash???

1 month ago

i just hope we can costomize out avatar xd

1 month ago

It looks like they out did Starfield, you can even land the ship in this.

1 month ago

So four planets?

1 month ago

Star Wars
The Speeder Simulator
Bland Edition

1 month ago

I'd rather have 1313 or Force Unleashed 3.

1 month ago

Tyrone doing the narrator voice ?

1 month ago

Can we have a new Star Wars game where you can choose to be either a Jedi or Sith? With the full open world experience? something like Cyberpunk 2077 but as a Jedi

1 month ago

I pre-ordered

1 month ago

This does not give me a star wars feeling! Kotor gave me that star wars feeling and for me it is the best star wars game ever!

1 month ago

Hard pass

1 month ago

If their isn’t a male version of the protagonist then pass, ubisoft usually has a male version in their games

1 month ago

I was waiting for Tyrone to say, “The Force is FEMALE” ???

1 month ago

If you shave a female wokie face, you get her.

1 month ago

Hana Solo in action

1 month ago

Why can’t women be attractive in games anymore. Stellar blade was really a needle in a haystack

1 month ago

Guys it’s Ubisoft don’t fall for this

1 month ago

Young HAN SOLO game THAT would be AWESOME

1 month ago

I will pass on this one, good sir.

1 month ago

I like the premise but after the previous battlefront let me down…ill just wait for the youtube cutscenes ?

1 month ago

I don’t trust Lucas film or Ubisoft to deliver. The game looks good, but did they really have to make her outfit look exactly like Han Solo’s. For goodness sake, make your own hero’s.