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Star Wars Outlaws is the Open-World Star Wars Game We’ve Always Wanted | Summer of Gaming 2023

With a look at brand-new gameplay, we sit down with Julian Gerighty from Star Wars Outlaws developer Massive to find out everything we can about the upcoming open-world Star Wars game. 

Stay tuned to IGN Summer of Gaming 2023 for all of your PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC game news, reveals, and gameplay.

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2 months ago

Is this an online multiplayer game?

2 months ago

Gameplay looks pretty lame.

2 months ago

Hopefully you get not only to customise weapons but also your close and ship. And maybe a choice of pets and rides besides a hoverbike. Got bored with the hoverbike in destiny very quickly

2 months ago

Should have given character greater options and waited to release this another 6 months

2 months ago

Why cant we have a game like hogwarts legacy, when we can chooae to become a jedi or sith and have all these open world adventures

2 months ago

Great……..??Yet Again Another Cliche Same Old where I’m forced to play another human protagonist Hey Ubisoft….. CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION we asked y’all for 1 simple feature like????

2 months ago

is star wars outlaws able to have multiplayer and character customization avalible ?

2 months ago


2 months ago

Looks awesome but it would be great if you could build your own character like SWG – nothing is going to top that game!!!! Which was the first open world SW game!!!

2 months ago

No Jedi’s?

2 months ago

This looks great,but I’m keeping my expectations low right now.

2 months ago

This is not the star wars game we wanted

2 months ago

Really excited about this, but would have been even better if we could have rolled our own character. Missed opportunity there

2 months ago

If they did everything right? Star Wars Outlaws will top Grand Theft Auto 5 and or Red Dead Redemption 2. At least one of them. I’m super excited, but at the same time very nervous!

2 months ago

Star Wars without Jedi is just Star Trek
I’ll give this one a miss lol
I’m only in Star Wars for lightsabers and force powers
That’s 100% it

2 months ago

No light sabers means boring game

2 months ago

already comparing it to other games….sigh.

2 months ago

No Jedi gameplay , no bounty gameplay , NEXT!!

2 months ago

Just out of curioisity, is Julian wearing Acronym pants?

2 months ago

He says it best when he describes this game by listing cinematics as a selling point. The best parts of the game they showed, look like you can't actually play.

2 months ago

It really does look amazing , but it is a Ubisoft game lol sooooo yeaaah

2 months ago

Only problem is you can't play as a male.