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Starfield mods explode in number after new creation kit release

It probably seems obvious, really. If a developer releases mod tools for a game it’s not surprising that suddenly, you’ll find a lot of mods. What is surprising, and has always been for Bethesda games in particular, is how fast mod makers work. The creation kit has finally launched for Starfield and players aren’t letting the community down with an absolute deluge of mods already out for the game.

Of course, it was possible to create mods for Starfield already. The RPG hasn’t gone without the tinkering minds of its community, but making modifications has been made simpler with the official creation kit. Only a couple days after launch the game is awash in new mods as well as old ones brought into the ecosystem, updated and ready to install with a click of a button.

In addition to classics such as mods which fix various issues with the game such as the brilliant Starfield Community Patch, there’s been a ton of tweaks, updates, and changes inspired by things the community has been asking for. Just a quick browse and I can see mods that unlock all ship pieces, improved follower behavior, easier lockpicking, and some straight-up cheats.

Creativity doesn’t just stop at tweaks, however. Boba Fett and the Mandalorian armor sets are in the game, it’s possible to silence your companions telling you that they have things for you at all times, there are new luxury homes, more clothing options, and there’s Batman. This is only the start too, with the sky quite literally being the limit for what’s possible in Starfield.

It is important to bear in mind that most mods will disable the ability to earn achievements, unless specifically stated otherwise. Unfortunately it’s not possible right now to just browse an achievement friendly category of mods, despite it being a label applied to several official creations.

Also the ECS Constant’s location hasn’t been fixed yet. Mod makers, I’m begging you, please get on it.

If you’d like to take a peek through some of these creations, you can browse them via Starfield’s official site, or in-game. You can also expand your experience with our guide to the best Starfield mods you can install right now.

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