Steal VCRs and cassettes from the 1980s in this open world thief sim

The makers of popular thief simulator Thief Simulator are going back in time. American Theft 80s is the next open world thieving game from developer Noble Muffins, and there’s a free demo out now so you can start slipping into houses in the dead of night and filling your backpack with defunct electronics and cold hard cash.

Here in the 1980s you’ll be stealing a lot of VCRs (remember those?), cassette tapes (remember those?) and vinyl records (those are actually still around). The methods of breaking into people’s homes and relieving them of their possessions aren’t all that different in the past, however. Take a mission from your scuzzy crime boss, sneakily observe the residents of the home or business to learn their patterns and schedules, and then sneak in and steal the item you’re after. While skulking around for your target you can root around in drawers and nightstands for extra cash and items to fence so you can build up your bank account.

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