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Steam indie RPG turns underrated Final Fantasy game into trash

There are two kinds of Final Fantasy fans: those that have played Final Fantasy Tactics and constantly talk of its brilliance, and those that keep saying they’ll play it eventually. A new indie game on Steam, Trash of the Titans, offers something for both camps that channels the spirit of Tactics, but gives it a trashy spin.

Essentially, Trash of the Titans is Final Fantasy Tactics, except the strategy game is about dominating the local rubbish heaps. You’re a gaggle of feral creatures; skunks, raccoons, and the like, who refuse to allow rats encroach on their pile of rotting food.

Fights in the RPG take place on a small isometric board, as re-popularized in the roguelike Into the Breach, and they’re turn-based. You use myriad magical abilities and standard attacks to ward off the encroaching invaders, devouring dumpsters worth of trash after every round to boost stats.

It’s like a trash goblin simulator, but nicely rendered in a shadowy purple and red color palette. I’m a fan, because it looks like something that might have come out on the Game Boy Advance. There’s a free demo as part of Steam Next Fest, and you really can’t go wrong. It’s charming and easygoing and funny, but there’s a solid layer of complexity to it as well.

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