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Stellar Blade Confirmed To Have New Game Plus Mode

Play the game, then play it again in a different form!

We’re less than a day away from the arrival of the next big AAA title on a major platform. This time, it’s the PS5 that’s getting the attention, as Stellar Blade from Shift Up is about to drop on the system. The game has been hyped for quite a while thanks to its eye-catching visuals and the combat system that plays like a mix of several popular franchises all at once. Yesterday, Metacritic revealed that most are positive about the title, which might make gamers a little more curious about getting it themselves. However, if you wish to know that the game is “worth your time” in the literal sense, the team has revealed something important.

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On the PlayStation Blog, Shift Up not only dropped a special launch trailer for Stellar Blade but confirmed it would have a New Game Plus mode that would expand what the protagonist, Eve, can do in the field, as well as wear in it.

“There are a whopping 34 new outfits for Eve to earn in New Game Plus, including five accessories, and two cosmetics each for Adam, Lily, and the Drone.”

So, if you want to make Eve look even more stylish, then you’ll definitely want to try out the New Game Plus mode. They did drop some teases on the outfits you’ll find via the blog, so you might want to look at that as well.

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Furthermore, Shift Up confirmed that things will get harder in the New Game Plus mode, and that means you’ll need to upgrade Eve in various ways. To that end, you’ll be able to boost both Eve’s body and her weapons to go far beyond what they were in the main game. For context, in the main game, you can max out your weapons at 15, but in New Game Plus, you can boost them to 40! That’s quite a shift. Another item that’ll get a big boost is your Tumbler, which is how you recover HP over time; it’ll be able to do twice the healing capability in New Game Plus, likely due to the toughness of enemies in this upgraded version.

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Regarding skills, Eve will be able to learn “Infinite Skills,” which are incredibly powerful attacks that build off of the Beta Skills you learn in the title, so you’ll definitely want to see what they can do in the field!

All in all, the New Game Plus mode will give you plenty of reasons to play the story once again, so give it a shot if you buy the game tomorrow!

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