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Stellar Blade Demo Is Out Now On PS5

Despite some of the darker stories that have filled up 2024 so far, it’s hard to deny that the year has also been good for gaming releases. Yes, not all of them have been fantastic, but several have stood out on AAA and indie levels. Plus, more games are coming out that have the public’s eye, such as the upcoming title Stellar Blade. The game not only looks stunning but also has a gameplay style that is reminiscent of various other franchises, with its own twist on things. For those who are curious about what the game will play like, the demo for the title is out right now on PlayStation 5!

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A few days ago, the PlayStation Blog did a little tease of what the demo for Stellar Blade would be like. The game’s director, Kim Hyung Tae, noted exactly what players can expect when they download and explore the world:

“The demo takes place from the very beginning of the game when Eve, a member of the 7th Airborne Squad is sent to Earth on a mission to reclaim the planet from the Naytiba, up to the first boss fight. This first stage will include the tutorial phase to help you familiarize yourself with basic combat features as you explore post-war Eidos 7, a human city now infested by the Naytiba, giving you an early grasp of gameplay mechanics that will serve you throughout the game’s story.”

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As the tweet above notes, no matter how far you get in the demo, your saved data will be transferred to the purchased title. That means you won’t lose anything and have to start all over again.

The director also promised a “surprise” to the gamers who can get through the opening stage, so don’t be afraid to push to get it! By all accounts, the game will be visually stunning and a fun gameplay romp. There were initial fears that this would be “yet another hack-n-slash” title where you were just button-mashing to do damage. However, reports about the game from insiders say it’s much more refined than that. You’ll be making moves like parrying and studying enemies to try and get key damage on them, so it’ll be a more in-depth experience overall.

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Plus, the game’s story seems intriguing, as there are teases that Eve’s journey to take back Earth isn’t going to be as smooth or basic as she hopes it’ll be.

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