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Stellar Blade New Game Plus Mode Confirmed for Launch, Details Revealed

Shift Up has announced that a Stellar Blade New Game Plus mode will be available in the game at launch, allowing you to continue your journey after the credits have rolled.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, the developer explains what will be available in New Game Plus, as well as what will carry over and what you’ll be able to unlock on your second playthrough.

First up, new costumes will be available for Eve, with an impressive 34 new outfits to unlock on your second playthrough. New cosmetic options will also be available for Adam, Lily, and your Drone.

New cosmetics will be available for the Stellar Blade crew in New Game Plus.

You can also look forward to level expansions for Eve’s Weapon, Body Core, Beta Core, and Tumbler, as well as earning new Infinite skills that will enhance your existing abilities.

Other changes include enemies in New Game Plus being harder to take down, as well as repositioned enemies to shake up the challenge and keep you on your toes a little.

All in all, Stellar Blade‘s New Game Plus mode sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the game all over again, and given how enthusiastic our very own Austin was about Stellar Blade, you’ll likely want to do just that.

A launch trailer for Stellar Blade was also released alongside info about the New Game Plus mode, and you can check that trailer out below.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stellar Blade, it’s an upcoming hack-and-slash action game developed by Goddess of Victory: Nikke studio Shift Up.

A PlayStation 5 exclusive, the game sees protagonist Eve attempting to purge Earth of the Naytibas, alien creatures who have driven humanity from its home.

You’ll be able to check out Stellar Blade when it launches exclusively for PS5 tomorrow. If you’re on the fence about whether it’s for you or not, a demo is currently available via the PlayStation Store.

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